Call for Papers

International Conference on Envisioning Our Common Future-ICEOCF 2016

Despite the relentless struggle of the decolonized and newly democratized countries for sustainable development, social integration, conflict resolution and international solidarity and harmony, they are miserably failing in attaining the same. Failure to escape from the culture of poverty of indigenous ideologies is not only pushing us towards the colonial values but also worsening our situations. Some exceptional endeavors are seen eventually, but they seemingly fail to make it sustainable. Sometimes, these noble dreams turn into terrible nightmares. If we see the experience of the decolonized nations, they can hardly be an example of decolonized in thoughts and cultures. The autocratic dictatorship, malfunctioning democracy, etc. are nothing but the ghost of colonization and occidental hegemony.
Bangladesh is not an isolated example. In spite of undergoing colonization, dictatorship, and political unrest, it has been trying to be vibrant regarding its existence as a nation with the history of sanguinary liberation war, language movement and democratic struggle. The declaration of Bangladesh as a Middle Income country is not an unrelated incident. But the success in achieving the aspired goal depends on how we dream; alone or together. The experiences of the successfully decolonized countries remember us that they succeeded because they dreamed. In the language of APZ Abdul Kalam, these dreams not those which people see in sleep, but these are those which do not let us sleep.

Bangladesh Study Forum, established by some dreamy youths in 14th December 2014, is a platform where enthusiastic people can dream together and advance Bangladesh nationally, regionally and globally. To celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the Forum and to commemorate the National Days for Martyred Intellectuals meaningfully, Bangladesh Study Forum and South Asian Youth Research Institute for Development (SAYRID) are jointly going to organize International Conference on Envisioning Our Common Future 2016. This conference aims at bringing the ideas, dreams and the dreamy heads from home and abroad to share and explore our common dreams of the future and develop our common understandings regarding the true nationhood of Bangladesh.

Thematic Areas
  • Agriculture& Environment
  • Art & Literature
  • Public Health
  • Business
  • Economics
  • History
  • Law & Human Rights
  • Political Science
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Real Estate
  • Religion
  • Sociology & Anthropology


Submission Requirements
1. Abstract: 

i. A maximum of 200 words (excluding references)

ii. Content may ideally include:

 Thematic area
–  Title of the paper
–  Background
–  Objectives/Research question
–  Theoretical framework (if any)
–  Methodology (if needed)
–  Key findings/discussion
–  Keywords (3-5)

2. Full Paper: Maximum of 2000 words (excluding tables, graphs, and references) and must cover all the issues mentioned in the abstract.

Please forward your submissions:,

Medium of Writing: Bengali/English

Important Dates

Activities Dates
Date of Conference 22-23 December 2016.
Last date for abstract submission 30 October 2016.
Feedback of Abstract   Within 10 days of submission. 
Last date of Registration Early-15 November & Regular-30 November, 16.
Last date of full paper/poster submission 30 November 2016.


1. Payment of Registration Fee

At least one author of an accepted paper should register for the paper to be included in the thematic session and published in the conference proceedings. An author having more than one accepted papers will pay 30% discounted registration fee for each additional paper (only if the same author is the first author and registers for all the papers). The registration form will be emailed to the presenter and participant from the conference secretariat. Besides, Registration & other Forms are available in Conference Website at (link specific to the Conference is available on the website) and/or

Registration Category Early Bird (15 November) Regular (30 November)
Local International Local International
Author/Presenter (Professional) Tk.3,000 USD $150 Tk. 4,000 USD $200
Author/Presenter  (Students with proof) Tk.1,500 USD $90 Tk. 2,000 USD  $100
SAARC Tk.10,000 USD $120 Tk. 12,000 USD $150
Participant (Academician or Co-authors or Professionals or Students) Tk.1,000 USD $60 Tk. 1,500 USD $80


  • Payment should be made to any of the following methods:

a. Bkash

Send your registration fee to this Bkash Number-01766021208. And, SMS your transaction id, name, mobile number & email address. We will send the registration form to your email after getting registration fee and SMS of your details.

b. Bank

Deposit your registration fee to the following bank account and send the proof of payment along with your details to We will send the final confirmation to your email after getting registration fee and your details.

Md. Juwel Rana
SB A/C No.: 0011100111612; Address: Panthapath Branch, Uttara Bank Limited, Dhaka 1215
SWIFT Code: UTBLBDDH  (Only for international payment)

The registration fee covers welcome reception, printed name card, conference folder or bag, participation in the thematic session(s), participation/presentation certificate, printed proceedings, publication of the selected articles in the mentioned international journals, light refreshment and lunch on the presentation day. 

2. Registration Form, Payment Proof and proof of studentship (if applicable)

Download Registration Form 

Scanned copies of completed Registration Form, registration fee payment proof and proof of studentship (if applicable) should be emailed to ,,  


Completed Registration Form should be submitted online, scanned copy of the payment proof and proof of studentship (if applicable) should be emailed  to,,  

3. Publishing Opportunities

Abstract will be published in printed form as Conference Proceedings.

After substantial review/amendments, selected Papers will be published in the renowned international journals.

  • South Asian Journal of Social Sciences-affiliated with International Sociological Association (ISA).
  • Family Medicine & Primary Care Reviewa  journal of The Polish Academy of Family Medicine, Poland.
  • Dhaka University Journal of Development Studies- published by the Department of Development Studies, University of Dhaka.
  • The Journal of Social Studies-a quarterly journal of Center for Social Studies (CSS).
  •  সমাজ নিরীক্ষণ– সমাজ নিরীক্ষণ কেন্দ্রের  (সনিকে ) সামাজিক বিজ্ঞান বিষয়ক  একমাত্র বাংলা ভাষায়  প্রকাশিত পত্রিকা ।   

Scholarship/Grants Opportunities

Selected people will get full or partial grants to participate in the conference. If you need scholarship or grant, please apply through the designated email. 


Conference Convener

Juwel Rana

Information- Country Code (+88) 01553443010, 01798432512, 01921392860, 01926456932